Have you ever wondered what certain aspects of your smile look like? Sometimes, our patients remark that because they didn’t see something in their mouth, they had no idea anything was wrong. At Adam Dental Care, we aim to help our patients better understand their oral health, which is why we use intraoral cameras in Woodbridge, Virginia.

This small, pen-shaped device allows our team to take a closer look at your smile so that we can provide you with the best possible dental care. The device takes high-quality color photos of your teeth and gums and allows our team to see angles of your mouth that are not easily seen otherwise, allowing us to evaluate your oral health and check for signs of dental damage, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Additionally, this tool allows you, as the patient, to better understand your oral health, as we can show you these images of your teeth so that you can see exactly what parts of your smile we are talking about improving. If needed, Dr. Ibrahim El-Garawany and associates can use this tool to collaborate with other dentists and specialists, sharing your intraoral camera images to the specialist to get answers.

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