Do you still have your third molars? The third molars, which are most commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, can be a source of discomfort to many. Named after the period of time that the teeth grow in, the wisdom teeth typically appear between the ages of 17 and 21, a time when individuals are deemed to be wiser. Since it was named as such many years ago, the wisdom teeth have become more widely recognized. The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in, which means that there is often not enough room for them to grow in properly, leading to a myriad of dental problems.

When there isn’t enough room in the mouth for the third set of molars, the teeth can become impacted, where the tooth is unable to break through the gum tissue or jawbone. It can also grow in at an incorrect angle, which can damage developed teeth and cause discomfort.

Other problems associated with wisdom teeth include:

  • Disturbance to natural tooth alignment
  • Disturbance to orthodontic treatment
  • Damage to neighboring teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Inflammation and infection in the gums
  • Formation of cysts in the mouth
  • Damage to the jawbone

Our dentists and team perform wisdom teeth removal in Woodbridge, Virginia, to help individuals keep their smiles healthy, beautiful, comfortable and functional. During your procedure at Adam Dental Care, Dr. Ibrahim El-Garawany and associates will help you have a comfortable, pain-free experience.

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