The primary teeth, which are often called baby teeth, are so important in the development of the mouth as it transitions to an adult smile. The baby teeth are important as they help guide the permanent (adult) teeth to their proper places. For a child who has experienced early tooth loss of their baby teeth, this means that there is a higher likelihood of the adult teeth erupting into the wrong position. Additionally, premature tooth loss of the primary teeth can cause the surrounding baby teeth to shift and tilt unnaturally.

For this reason, our dentists and team may recommend that your child get space maintainers if they lose a tooth too early. A space maintainer holds the space of the missing tooth in place to allow for the proper eruption of the adult tooth. This keeps the space open until the new tooth erupts.

Some parents wonder why baby teeth are lost prematurely. The following are some examples of why the teeth can be lost:

  • Tooth decay and infection
  • Falls and other accidents
  • Disease
  • Teeth missing at birth

There are two different varieties of dental space maintainers. There are removable space maintainers and fixed space maintainers. Dr. Ibrahim El-Garawany and associates will determine which option will be best for your child.

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